Save Money on Electricity and Maintenance Costs

LED Lowcountry Provides Turnkey Energy Savings Solutions

You should be using less energy. LED Lowcountry’s 6 Steps to Maximize Efficiency and Energy Savings can show you how. This one-stop, start-to-finish process helps you navigate the complex, fragmented network of energy-savings options — including feasibility studies and energy audits to installation management, incentive maximization, and project financing.

Together, we will uncover the best ways to save energy for your unique facility and your unique business plan. Our customers receive complete, fully installed and functioning solutions, instead of boxes of products delivered to a loading dock. We want you to gain competitive advantage.

 As an independent resource, LED Lowcountry’s objective is to determine, source, install and verify your ideal solution. We don’t manufacture LED lighting products and we’re not tied to a single technology or solution. We deliver custom solutions that save energy while maximizing performance.

Here’s How It Works:


The energy audit begins by simply walking the facility with you to gauge potential areas of savings and to identify specific lighting problem areas. We will gather information such hours of operation, electric costs, light levels, fixture types and counts, facility dimensions and fixture mounting heights. The data will be used to develop a roadmap for potential ways to cut overall electric usage and improve light levels.

Once we identify where you can save, we determine how. We outline your energy-efficiency project from beginning to end listing the resources needed. Products are sourced directly through multiple manufacturers. Our objective is to deliver to you the best and most cost effective product for your specific application. Once tested and approved, we schedule the installation so everything happens when it should – maximizing efficiency and minimizing workplace disruption.

Utility incentives and rebates for energy-efficient products and upgrades are continually being revised. To keep up with changes is a full-time responsibility. We have partnered with a third party resource to help us help you capture every available incentive dollar. Ask us about our Instant Rebate Program.

Prior to full facility installation we recommend, whenever practical, a partial installation to test the proposed solution. Our commitment is to install fixtures in each distinct product area to evaluate and confirm that the recommended solution achieves the desired result. Product tests can run for up to 60 days without obligation to purchase.

Whether retrofit or new construction, our commitment is to stay with you through project completion- a single point of contact when you need an answer. We will recommend, when requested, one of our network of licensed and insured local installation contractors with product experience to help keep your project on time and on budget.

Follow up and evaluation are part of our services. We want to ensure that our energy solutions deliver as promised. We maintain a relationship – visiting your site, inspecting the installation for performance and checking that your energy-saving products are functioning properly.

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