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Warehouse LED Lighting in Bluffton SC

Warehouse Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Choosing the right LED fixtures in Warehouse and logistic facilities increases safety and productivity of employees while reducing operating costs.

Higher Productivity

Under the proper illumination, workers experience better visibility and higher concentration, increasing their accuracy and work speed.

Reduce Picking Errors

Warehouse lighting applications require optimal light levels with good horizontal and vertical uniformity in order to avoid mistakes while reading labels or picking items for shipping. This can increase profits by reducing the costs of customer returns, refunds and expedited shipments caused by shipping the wrong item.

Top Performance in Tough Environments

Lumen Maintenance

Our LED fixtures maintain higher lighting levels over time than other LEDs. Backed up by 5-year replacement warranty of L70 lumen maintenance.

Thermal Management

Ambient temperatures in the southeast routinely reach over 100 degrees during the summer months and over 130 degrees in the ceilings where the fixtures are mounted. Our performance line of high bays are designed to perform in hot environments with ambient temperatures up to 151 degrees

Ultra Long Life

LED High Bays with high reliability and superior lumen maintenance delivering L70 life (TM-21) up to 309,000 hours at 25°C and 194,000 hours at 65°C.

Strong Impact Resistance

Engineered with a rugged design and durable materials certified up to IK08 impact protection rating.

Rich Colors and High Contrast

Warehouse lighting require good visibility to avoid picking errors. All our LED fixtures feature CRI80+ as standard and CRI90+ as an option.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our highly efficient LED fixtures can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional fixtures and have a much longer life span than lamps and most LEDs, helping you reduce maintenance costs and time spent replacing lamps, ballasts and drivers.

Increased Productivity

In well-lit warehouses employees experience better visibility and higher concentration which increases accuracy, productivity and reduces errors. Additionally, good lighting with low glare and high uniformity reduces visual fatigue

Industry 4.0 Ready

Manage the lighting of your warehouse facilities from anywhere with cloud-based systems, collect data to gain insights and optimize business operations with our LED fixtures that easily connect with IoT devices and building management systems. Warehouse LED Lighting in The Lowcountry will strongly benefit your facility and greatly reduce energy costs while adding control with lighting reporting. 

Before the Flex LED lighting upgrade, operators were spending more time pulling orders for customers. Since the retrofit, productivity increased as well as the light levels and now it’s a more safe and efficient work environment.”.
Jed Young – Director of Business Development at Port City Logistics

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