Sports Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Choosing the right Sports Lighting in the Lowcountry  is probably the easiest and most effective way to upgrade the appearance of your sports facility.

  • Create a unique atmosphere with adjustable lighting and controls
  • Optimize visibility for players to follow and interact with fast-moving objects
  • Provide lighting levels and uniformity for spectators to see the action clearly
  • Improve safety for the crowd with a well-lit venue.

IES classifies sports facilities in four groups based on the player’ skill level and the anticipated number of spectators.

Facilities should be designed to satisfy the most talented players and accommodate their greatest potential spectator capacity.

In large facilities which seat over 10,000 spectators, the lighting criteria are usually governed by the needs of television. Recommendations for such facilities are not included here.

Source: IE RP-6-15 Sports and Recreational Area Lighting.

“The LED lights in our facility are the best that I have seen anywhere. Being able to give our customers high quality lighting to see pitched baseballs is second to none.”

– Jeff Churchich, Owner D-BAT Indian Trail13707 E Independence Blvd, Indian Trail, NC 28079980 368-3228

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