LED Lowcountry: Turnkey Energy Solutions

A Cost-Efficient Strategy for the Short-Term and Long-Term

LED Lowcountry provides energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities throughout South Carolina and Georgia. We help businesses dramatically lower energy and maintenance costs while delivering superior lighting for less. Take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling your energy audit today.

Energy Lighting Advantages You Can See On Your Bottom Line

The right lighting can save you money, eliminate maintenance costs and improve working conditions. Most commercial facilities that we visit today have two things in common-burned out lights in hard to reach places and lights on with nobody around.

Lighting accounts for 40% or more of the electricity that you use. Whether new construction or retrofit, the cost of a facility upgrade can save you more than you may think. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what today’s LED technology can do for your bottom line.


“The idea was to not only save money but to improve lighting. The LED lighting is exceptional-bright, clean and uniform.”

Mick McDonough, Owner


“LED Lowcountry did all the rebate paperwork for us. We got the rebate check back in a timely manner and it was much larger than anticipated.”

Meg Utley, Business Manager


“LED Lowcountry did a great job for us. We converted our shops & showrooms to LED. We financed the upgrade with the savings-much better light without going out of pocket.”

Berry Edwards, Owner


“We switched to LED because we were tired of changing out burned out bulbs. LED Lowcountry is easy to work with and we get things quickly.”

Terry Sundling, Owner


Joel A Rudicil

Rhonda M. Rudicil
Vice President

Dañiel Luna
Lighting Specialist

Bruce J Trimbur 
LEED AP, LC, Director of Business Development

Steve E. Anderson
Marketing & Communications