Adoption remains the biggest obstacle for our customers. Efficiency sounds great, but customers are reluctant to spend money out of pocket to save energy. It makes more sense for them to invest that money back into their core business. Shared savings allows business owners to do both-focus on their core business and install energy efficient lighting systems.

Here’s How It Works

Our efficiency-as-a-service model is simple. We deliver immediate savings on energy costs by installing high efficiency lighting with no investment required by the business owner. The new lighting systems can save commercial and light industrial facilities (e.g. warehouses and parking structures) about 75% on their energy costs and 100% on their maintenance costs.

We install a revenue-grade metering system along with the lighting upgrades, to track, measure and show our customers the savings being generated. The resulting energy savings are broken into two buckets. The first bucket goes to us for a predetermined period, usually 4-7 years. The business owner keeps the second bucket, making them cash positive from day one of the project.

How to Get Started

  1. The process starts with a free lighting audit. You provide us with copies of your last 3 utility bills to determine your usage. We evaluate your current lighting and follow-up with a proposal, which includes updated designs and your expected savings.
  2. Next, we upgrade your lighting at no cost to you. When the first lamp is installed, you begin to save.
  3. Our service contract begins and you are billed for a portion of those savings. After the installation is complete, we provide all replacement lamps, drivers and hardware-and the electrician to install. At the end of the service agreement, the lights are yours.