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Education Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Proper lighting is necessary for a conducive learning environment. It helps improve concentration and performance of the students as well as the teachers. It further helps ease of learning.

The importance of an efficient lighting system also goes beyond the four corners of a classroom. Lighting is also essential in other activities in the school. It’s vital in the conduct of scientific experiments, art activities, and sports.

Lighting Needs In The School

School Entrance And Stairwells

Before entering the campus, adequate lighting.greetings are usually made at the school entrance. Most school entrance now utilized LED-Tubes. They are more energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and high-performance.


First is the classroom. The most appropriate for a classroom is the LED panel light, which is an excellent substitute for the usual fluorescent ceiling lights. Another option is the LED-Troffers, a rectangular shape fixture. These lights are expected to last form 50,000 to 100,000 hours. It translates to lower maintenance costs.

School Gymnasiums

School gymnasiums are usually big, and it needs a full light system. They have high ceilings too. Most schools use LED high-bays for their gyms. LED high-bays don’t need any warm-up when opened and have no restrike period. This type of light also brings extraordinary savings on energy cost.

A high-quality lighting system is likewise necessary to cater to various activities in the gyms. It must be flexible for meetings, conferences, ceremonies, and any other sports events.


Proper lighting is also necessary to have accurate experiments in school laboratories. These experiments are practical lessons that complement the theories in class. Moreover, adequate illumination is crucial for safety and visibility during the conduct of the experiments.

The LED light is a perfect choice for laboratory rooms because it does not flicker. But fluorescents do. The LED light is also glare-free, which can be used for overhead lighting and task lighting in school labs.

Dining Areas

Dining areas should not be taken for granted too. It is in dining spaces where friends are mostly made. Since the dining area is a high-activity space, it should also have proper lights. Dining areas must have modern and unobtrusive light, suitable for the dining environment.

Study Halls and Libraries

When it comes to learning, most people do it in study halls and libraries. Most of the time, lights used for these places are overhead, task, and shelf lights. Their light must create an environment conducive to studying.

Exterior Light

Lastly, the exterior of the school must not be taken for granted. LED lightings for exterior areas must be functional. The most common LED school lights for outdoor spaces are wall packs, floodlights, and shoebox lights.

These types of lights offer better performance than the HID area. It is better because of its photosensors which switch off the lights when there is enough daylight and switch them back on at dusk.

“We can see clearly now. The lights are bright and everyone was very caring, helpful, and professional.”

— Molly Hornbeak, Director Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton

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