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Industrial Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Choosing the right LED fixtures in industrial facilities increases safety and productivity of employees while reducing operating costs. 

Higher Productivity

Under proper illumination, workers experience better visibility and higher concentration, increasing accuracy and work speed.

Improved Product Quality

Industrial lighting applications require optimal light levels with good uniformity and high color rendering to detect defects or product imperfections.

Safer Factories

Improved lighting promotes safer machine operation and helps to prevent fall accidents in a well-lit factory.

Industrial Applications

LED lighting continues to be the upgrade choice of facility managers looking for extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance. 

Here are six reasons to consider Industrial Lighting in Bluffton SC an upgrade to LED lighting for your facility:

Energy Efficiency

LEDs use about 40–70 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting options, leading to substantial energy cost savings. These savings are compounded within applications where lighting is on for extended periods of time. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED fixtures can aim light in specific directions that save energy and increase savings.

Extended Life

Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs never “burn out,” they simply become dimmer over time. Quality LEDs have a rated life of 100,000 hours at L70, or at least 70 percent of the initial light output, depending on the lamp and fixture. LED systems can reduce labor spent on replacing bulbs due to their extended life in industrial environments, helping to reduce maintenance costs.


LED systems are tough. With no filaments or glass enclosures to break, and largely immune to vibration, LED systems are perfectly tailored to the industrial environment.

Instant On

Many fluorescent and HID lamps require about three minutes to reach maximum output. LED systems emit 100 percent brightness immediately, with no re-strike delay. The instant on with LED can become critical in a power outage or early morning operations.

Rapid Cycling

Traditional light sources have a shorter lifespan the more they’re switched on and off- LED systems remain unaffected by rapid cycling. If you are considering smart controls like occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, LED lighting is the perfect industrial lighting in Bluffton SC.

No IR or UV Emissions

Less than 10 percent of the power used by incandescent lamps is converted to visible light; the majority of power is converted into infrared (IR) or radiated heat. Excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV) can present a hazard to people and materials in an industrial environment. LED systems emit virtually no IR or UV. LEDs are the right choice for many industrial applications because of their energy efficiency, light quality and distribution, dimmability and expected lifetime. 

LED Lowcountry expertly handled our entire lighting project from start to finish, including maneuvering the complicated rebate application process. The increase in the quality of the light cannot be overstated, and has been a substantial benefit to our manufacturing process.”
– Daniel Reed, Controller, Metal Trades Inc.

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