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Gated Community Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Management in private gated communities are always looking for ways to reduce fixed operating costs. Many communities operate facilities for the use and enjoyment of members with lighting-lots of lighting. Amenities may include a clubhouse, fitness center, golf learning center, tennis courts, pro shop, golf cart barn, golf maintenance, street lighting and landscape lighting. Some community amenities can also include a theater, woodworking shop, meeting halls, natatorium and docking facilities. The LED lighting options and solutions can be as diverse as the operated facilities. The primary reason stated by management to convert to LED are cost savings. Our lighting proposal includes a detailed economic analysis of each facility with LED recommendations supported by hours of operation, utility rates, and rebate procurement. The lighting must be aesthetically pleasing, operate flawlessly with controls, and backed up with installation and product warranties.

Gated Community Lighting at LED Lowcountry

Reduce costs

  • Lower energy consumption with LED lighting and controls
  • Manage and reduce energy use with occupancy and daylight sensing
  • Options to reduce operational costs with remote monitoring and through connected systems

Improve operations

  • Options to manage and control multiple sites from a single central location
  • Simplify maintenance with lamp failure detection
  • Integrate lighting with other systems, such as building management, heating, air conditioning, and automatic blinds

Improve experience

  • Lighting color temperatures for the right ambience in dining rooms
  • Train facility managers to operate controls
  • Bring your brand identity to life through unique and beautiful lighting design

“It was common sense to move to LED lighting on a number of fronts. Icing on the cake was how LED Lowcountry worked around our operating schedule and never missed a beat. The transition to LED lighting was seamless.”

— Timothy M. Bakels, GM/COO, Colleton River Club

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