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LED Lighting Pays for Itself. Here’s How.

“You have to spend money to make money.”

In the world of LED lighting, you spend a little to potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by converting to LED lighting.

LED Lowcountry’s special financing program combined with potential rebates offset the initial financial investment of switching to LED lighting. We suggest phasing your conversion in over several budget cycles or equipment leasing.

Here’s how it works:

LED Lowcountry will secure leasing capital for up to 100% of the cost to furnish and install retrofit and new construction facility lighting. Leasing conserves your operating capital by avoiding significant up-front investment in equipment and allows you to maintain liquidity on existing credit facilities.

Unlike bank loans or other types of alternate financing, leasing is easy and convenient. Often, all that is needed is a one-page application for up to $100,000 of project capital secured only by a UCC 1 filing on the equipment. Lease terms can be customized to your unique needs with lease term, defined to meet tax situations, cash flows, and equipment needs. Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases. We can provide you with multiple lease financing options and sources that are structured to result in positive cash flows year over year.


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