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LED Lowcountry Lights Up D-BAT Indian Trail in Charlotte!

Energy-efficient LED high bays deliver light and savings

D-BAT Indian Trail is the Premier Baseball and Softball training facility in the country. In addition to private baseball and softball lessons, they offer pitching machines with real baseballs and softballs, a fully-stocked Pro shop, over 50 camps and clinics and more. The owners wanted a safe and bright facility-bright enough for hitters to pick up a 70 mile per hour fastball. They also wanted efficient lighting that would not break the bank with electric bills. Enter LED Lowcountry.

Our lighting layout team designed a solution that delivers over 100 foot candles of light throughout the batting cage areas.  We recommended a high performance LED fixture produced in Columbia South Carolina. The Flex Lighting Solutions high performance high bay delivers 30,000 Lumens of light using only 163 watts per hour of electricity. The Flex fixture burns 61% less electricity and lasts more than 5 times longer eliminating costly maintenance. The Flex fixture is the only one with a rotating outer module to give the customer the greatest flexibility to get light where it is needed most without repositioning the fixture.   The D-BAT Indian Trail now has great lighting that helps to improve safety at a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting. Problem solved.


Energy Efficiency: +61%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Annual Operating Savings: $9,144
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $91,440
Payback Period (Years): 1.8 Years

“The LED lights in our facility are the best that I have seen anywhere. Being able to give our customers high quality lighting to see pitched baseballs is second to none.”

— Jeff Churchich, Owner D-BAT Indian Trail
13707 E Independence Blvd
Indian Trail, NC 28079
980 368-3228


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