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LED Lowcountry Lights Up Sign D’Sign

Energy-efficient lighting and controls deliver superior lighting for less

Sign D’Sign is a locally owned and operated business that has been meeting customer signage and marketing needs for over a decade. They needed more space for their growing business recently expanding into a new 6,300 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Management wanted the best lighting available when designing and producing custom signage for their customers. Enter LED Lowcountry.

Our lighting layout team designed a solution that delivers 50 foot candles of even light throughout the production area and 30 foot candles of light in the design and office area. Our recommended LED fixtures included a high performance high bay for production and an indirect lighting fixture for design. The new energy efficient LED fixtures with lighting controls delivered the desired light levels using 78% less electricity! We also identified and secured a local utility rebate that reduced the lighting capital cost by 21%.

Sign D’Sign now has dramatically improved lighting with controls and a lower monthly electric bill. Problem solved.

Energy Efficiency: +78%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Lighting Controls Efficiency: +30%
Rebate Capital Cost Reduction: 21%
Annual Operating Savings: $2,391
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $23,918
Payback Period (Years): 2.9


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