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Sun City’s Woodworkers Shop Saves Money and Maintenance

Sun City Hilton Head is the largest active adult community located in the heart of the South Carolina Lowcountry. One of the resident amenities is a world class Woodworkers and Modelmakers guild. The 9,000 square foot shop is loaded with commercial grade equipment, a well-stocked lumber room, tool room, model railroad and library. The all-volunteer facility management team wanted to improve lighting, continue an excellent safety record and lower operating costs. Enter LED Lowcountry.

Our lighting layout team designed a solution that delivers 60 foot candles of light in the work areas-a 43% improvement. We recommended a high performance high bay by Flex Lighting Solutions. The Flex fixture uses 47% less electricity and lasts 10 times longer than the metal halide fixture that was replaced. The Flex fixture is equipped with a rotating outer module that was utilized to direct light where needed most. The old fluorescent tubes were replaced with high performance ballast bypass 4’ and 8’ safety coated tubes. The LED Lowcountry installation team completed the project over two days. Our installers pivoted several fixtures 90 degrees to get them properly oriented to work tables.

The Woodworkers and Modelmakers guild now has dramatically improved lighting, a safer work environment, and a reduced electric bill. Problem solved.

  • Energy Efficiency: +61%
  • Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
  • Annual Operating Savings: $4,822
  • Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $48,220
  • Payback Period (Years): 2.5

“The results are dramatic and membership enthusiastic about the new lights! Members report reduced mistakes and a sense of improved safety when working with equipment. We appreciate the professional and well organized work of LED Lowcountry.”
Dick Herrin, Sun City Woodshop administrator


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