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Hydraulic Supply Company Saves with LED Lowcountry

Hydraulic Supply has served the fluid power industry since 1947. They are now recognized as a premier distributor with retail stores in 6 states staffed by over 200 team members. When there newly constructed Pooler facility opened they were dissatisfied with the lighting. The newly installed fluorescent high bays were not delivering the light levels where needed the most-customer parts bins and fabrication.

Enter LED Lowcountry. Our lighting layout team designed a solution that efficiently delivers 60 foot candles of even light. We recommended a high performance high bay by Flex Lighting Solutions. The Flex fixture uses 57% less electricity and lasts 10 times longer than the fixture that was replaced. In spite of increasing the number of  fixtures from 15 to 29, we improved overall efficiency by 16% and eliminated maintenance costs.

A unique feature of the Flex fixture is that it is equipped with a rotating outer light module that is easily field adjusted. We used this feature to direct light where needed.

HSC has dramatically improved lighting, lowered the electric bill, and eliminated ongoing maintenance costs. Problem solved.

  • Overall Energy Efficiency: +16%
  • Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
  • Average Light Levels: 60 Foot Candles
  • Fixture Life: 256,000 Hours
  • Efficacy: 159 Lumens per Watt


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