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LED Lowcountry Lights Up Belfair Plantation

Belfair Plantation is saving money every year by switching to energy efficient LED lighting

Belfair Plantation is a private golf club community located in coastal South Carolina. Management decided that the time was right to convert the clubhouse and ancillary facilities to LED.  They wanted a lighting solution that would improve overall lighting, reduce energy costs and eliminate maintenance.

Enter LED Lowcountry. We recommended a lighting solution that would efficiently deliver the desired light level in a warm and consistent color temperature with full dimming capability. We offered a single source solution for consistency and ease of warranty management. High color rendering index lamps were installed throughout the clubhouse to reproduce the true colors of merchandise and fabrics.  Dimming controls were installed in the golf pro shop and common areas.

The Belfair Plantation Clubhouse lighting retrofit was scheduled and completed over two consecutive Monday’s when the clubhouse is traditionally closed. The result is a highly efficient lighting system that is maintenance free and projected to achieve payback in 1.5 years. Problem solved.

Energy Efficiency: +80%
Maintenance Efficiency: 100%
Annual Operating Savings: $22,308
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $223,080
Payback Period (years): 1.5


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