LED Lowcountry Lights Up The Haven

The Haven is saving money every year by switching to energy efficient LED lighting.

The Haven at New Riverside Clubhouse is the hub of social activity for this active adult living community. The exercise room, pool, meeting and gathering rooms are in frequent service-that means that the lights are almost always on. The Haven management were tired of continually changing burned out lights-both time consuming and expensive. They wanted a lighting solution that would improve overall lighting, reduce energy costs and eliminate maintenance.

Energy Efficiency: +76%
Maintenance Efficiency: 100%
Annual Operating Savings: $11,250
Total Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $112,509
Payback Period (years): 1.2

Enter LED Lowcountry. We recommended a lighting solution that would efficiently deliver the desired light level in a warm and consistent color temperature with full dimming capability. The centerpiece of our solution is a high performance LED retrofit troffer.

The LED troffer installs quickly and burns less than a third of the energy and lasts more than five times longer than the old fluorescent fixture. We also recommended an LED 4-pin lamp with an esthetically pleasing round diffuser that improves overall light output using a fraction of the electricity.