Fire House Subs

Customer Name: Firehouse Subs
Location: 32 Malphrus Road, Suite 109
Bluffton, SC
Application: Retrofit
Dining Room LED Tubes & LED Lamps
Energy Efficiency: +51%
Annual Energy Savings: $652
Annual Maintenance Savings: $121
Rebate: $620
Payback Period (years): 0.5
10 Year Savings: $7,730

Featured Solution: Owner Mick McDonough was tired of buying and replacing burned out fluorescent tubes and lamps. With his restaurant’s long hours of operation, it seemed that there was always a light out. LED Lowcountry furnished and installed the new lights in a morning before opening. The owner loves the new lights and the best part is we were able to secure utility rebates that reduced the overall project cost by 43% resulting in a 6 month payout.

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