Outdated lighting systems waste energy and money

Dominion Energy’s lighting incentives for local businesses can help dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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This on-demand webinar video is less than 15 minutes long — and covers both Dominion Energy’s Small Business Energy Solutions (SBES) and EnergyWise for Businesses. It’s completely free to download — and you can watch it at your leisure. In this webinar video, Dominion Energy South Carolina representatives, along with Joel Rudicil of LED Lowcountry, discuss:
  • How to qualify for the energy savings programs
  • How to apply for a retrofit
  • How cost savings and lighting incentives are determined
  • Details on what kind of lighting incentives are available
  • What cost savings can look like for a business
  • Real results from local businesses who’ve been through the programs

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About Dominion Energy's Programs

Small Business Energy Solutions (SBES)

The SBES program is designed for small businesses and nonprofit customers with five or fewer electric service accounts and an annual energy use of 350,000 kWh or less.

What’s the incentive? Dominion Energy pays 90% of the cost, up to $6,000, for recommended energy efficiency measures!

This program not only helps your business reduce energy use and costs, but LED lights can help create a more pleasant environment for both your employees and customers.

Dominion Energy will perform a free, on-site energy analysis at your business. Then, local contractors from LED Lowcountry will complete all work at your convenience — and without interrupting your business.

EnergyWise for Your Business

The EnergyWise program is available to any size commercial, industrial, institutional and government customers who have Dominion Energy South Carolina as their electric provider.

This program provides incentives for energy-efficient equipment installations, including:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Food service equipment
  • Other energy efficient technology upgrades

How much is the incentive? It depends on the type of technology — but can pay up to 50% of the total project cost.

EnergyWise for Your Business can help increase energy efficiency for your business, whether you’re building a new facility, conducting major renovations or upgrading out-of-date equipment.

The program not only provides financial assistance in upgrading your energy efficiency, but technical guidance with flexibility: Your business has the option of completing installation, ordering and purchasing in-house — or hiring a contractor.